Is your steno-writing too slow and holding you back from passing your court

reporter’s certification exam? Or do you ever become overwhelmed with

nervousness whenever you take a dictation test?


What if there were simple, easy-to-apply teachings that could help you both increase your writing accuracy and even completely calm your nerves?
Imagine what it would be like to confidently take any court reporter’s certification exam and pass the very next time you take it.
We’ve all gone through the misery of not passing dictation tests, or have experienced the deep pain of failing the machine-writing portion of a certification exam.
But now you won’t have to ever again.
Hello! My name is Cale McCabe, CSR, AAS. I’m a licensed court reporter in Texas, and I want to introduce to you the only guide you’ll ever need to successfully conquer any reporter’s certification test – Pass the Court Reporting Exam.



Containing over 15 chapters dedicated to helping all court reporting students pass their certification exam in their very next attempt, Pass The Court Reporting Exam is the only book written by and contributed by certified court reporters and real-time writers so that you will gain an enormous advantage from the inside knowledge of working professionals.


Christine A. reviews Pass the Court Reporting Exam

“I just wanted to let you know that I spent the night before my California CSR exam reading your book…and passed the first time! Woohoo!
“…it gave me that last-minute inspiration and reminded me to use my nervous energy to my benefit. Thank you so much for your book and everything you do to help students.”
Christine A., CSR


The Book I Wish I Had While I Was in School

Too many times I have seen court reporting students, especially ones I attended school with, come back from their certification exams defeated and burned out on failing another test.
I wanted to provide something that teaches students like you, no matter what your speed or writing theory, the total-package strategy – physical and pychological – that can take you from wherever you are to an easy pass the next time you take your test.

And, I have to tell you that I just about every day, I make it a point to listen to a chapter. It has helped my confidence so much.– Judy M.

No Preaching, No Guilt – Just Results

I decided to write Pass the Court Reporting Exam to assist students like you by giving real, tested methods that actually help instead of preach.
And I didn’t just want to fill a whole book full of my own advice, so that’s why I included the wisdom and insight of other court reporters and real-time writers so that you can get the absolute most you can out of these teachings.
Most importantly, I wanted to provide you with a book that does the complete opposite of telling you to just “practice harder.” To me, there is no worse advice than this when it comes to court reporting.
If you want to get good at what you do, no matter what it is, the trick isn’t to practice harder – it’s to practice smarterPass the Court Reporting Exam is built from the ground up with that exact philosophy, but also includes much, much more.
Holly P. reviews Pass the Court Reporting Exam
“Hey, Cale. This is a comment I got from one of my students that bought your book:
‘Barring some miracle, I will be your student again next semester, but – sorry – not for long. I have already read the ebook and it was awesome! There are a lot of things in there that I can’t wait to try, mostly concerning the fact that I am an Anxious Tester who needs to improve to a Nervous Tester (baby steps)!
‘He wrote this book in a way that just feels comfortable; like he’s sitting in a campus cafe talking to you instead of trying to boringly teach you something.'”
Holly P.


What’s Inside

Pass the Court Reporting Exam is an exclusive book that comes with content written just for you, designed to specifically help you easily pass your certification test by:
  • Giving you total control over your emotions and thoughts during intense dictation tests
  • Increasing your confidence in your testing abilities through simple emotional adjustments
  • Help you drop bad testing habits such as mind-chatter, performance drop-off, and emotional reactions to hard material
  • Enhancing your writing speed and accuracy through proven techniques that are used by real-time court reporters and even world record holders

All of the teachings inside are given by only certified court reporters, people who have been through exactly what you’re going through right now. They have come together in this rare book to share their secret tactics that helped them dominate their exam so that you can, too.

Lisa S. reviews Pass the Court Reporting Exam
“I thought it wouldn’t have very many suggestions that could pertain to every student, for every test; however, I was mistaken.
“It delivered by breaking down the different preparation methods, whether physical or mental, into short and sweet chapters that are easy to remember long after you finish.
“I would recommend this to any student. Tips like ‘getting it the first time’ are universal; whether you’re in theory or weeks away from passing the CSR, you will benefit from this read. You can’t help it.”
Lisa S.


Electronic and Hard Copy Format

Pass the Court Reporting Exam comes in a universal reading format that anyone can view. You can even print the book and read your own hard copy.
Because it’s electronic, you won’t have to wait for the book to ship to your home or pay extra for delivery costs.
Best of all, the book is automatically formatted so that you can conveniently read it on your computer, laptop, tablet, or even your phone.


I was concerned [Pass the Court Reporting Exam] would just be a list of high-high-speed practice techniques. Good theory instruction and lots of speed dictation are important, but ultimately it is the clear, unclouded mental processing of all that input that is key. I also believe equipping students with these mental toolkits would lead to better retention of court reporting and captioning students. I am pleased to see this being addressed so thoroughly in this e-book, and that there is a nice variety of potential techniques, so that anyone would find at least a few of the suggestions appealing. There are many great techniques here for any potential court reporter or captioner who needs to improve their mental state to be able to achieve their goals.– Kristin L.

What You’ll Get

When you order Pass the Court Reporting Exam, you will immediately receive the link to the book in your inbox. Then you can quickly be on your way to passing your next exam with the book’s many features:
  • 7 chapters on how to enhance your steno-writing speed, accuracy, and skill
  • 6 chapters on how to gain control over your emotions, nervousness, and negative thoughts
  • Wisdom from current certified court reporters and real-time writers
  • My own personal story and perspective on my testing experience, and what made me successfully pass the exam on my first attempt


When you order your copy of Pass the Court Reporting Exam, you will automatically get access to the full-length Audiobook version, recorded in high-quality MP3 format.
Take your Audiobook and play it on your iPod, MP3 player, phone, tablet, or computer, so that you can absorb the effective teachings no matter where you are or what you’re doing.
To thank you for ordering, I am giving this entire Audiobook version to you absolutely FREE.



When you order your copy of Pass the Court Reporting Exam, you will receive 3 bonus articles written by Cassandra Mandeville, a court reporter who took one of the hardest CSR tests in the country and went from a fearful student to running her own court reporting firm.
These beautifully written pieces first meticulously outline her winning strategies in school that helped her advance to qualifying for her state test.
Then you will gain the benefits of her experiences as she details how she went from a certification exam failure to passing on her very next attempt.
As my personal thank-you for ordering, I am giving these articles to you (along with the audiobook) absolutely FREE.


Mark Kislingbury reviews Pass the Court Reporting Exam
“I read this entire book and was amazed at the excellent content it contains. As my heart is near and dear to the methods of writing short (mastering lots of briefs for words and phrases) and practicing at high speeds so as to more quickly gain finger speed, I was delighted to see that Cale heartily promotes both in this book.
“I recommend this book for any court reporter or student who wants to pass that CSR or RPR examination. Not only does he cover the skill side of testing, but also the mental/psychological side, which is crucial. His insights are sure to help those with test nerves and concentration problems.”

Mark Kislingbury, CSR, RDR, CRR

Texas Court Reporters Association Hall of Fame
Four-time Texas Speed Cup Champion
Seven-time NCRA Speed Champion
Four-time NCRA Realtime Champion
Guinness World Record Holder for World’s Fastest Court Reporter (360wpm)


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed, or I’ll Fully Refund You

I know you are going to love this book and benefit tremendously from it. Years and years of experience has been documented in this exclusive product, all designed to help you pass your court reporter certification exam the very next time you take it.
However, if for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the teachings offered in this book within 90 days of your order, all you have to do is contact me and let me know why this book did not work for you. I will then give you your money back, guaranteed.



At 225 WPM, I thought I had learned all the tricks and techniques out there. I wasn’t sure if I would acquire a new approach (this late) to benefit my future court reporting career. This book is a must have. I've never read an informative, fun and enlightening book regarding the court reporting profession until now. I enjoyed the book from start to finish. Each chapter is filled with valuable information and tips. Thank you for opening my eyes (and mind) to necessary and helpful material. I would recommend this book to all students as well as working reporters. If I had read this book in my 140s, I strongly believe I would have my CSR or RPR certification by now!– Courtney M.

Get Instant Access to Teachings They Don’t Give in School

The truth is that you don’t have to be the best or fastest steno-writer to pass your certification exam. I certainly wasn’t when I was in school. You just need to learn how to properly prepare for one of the most demanding performance-based tests in the country, and Pass the Court Reporting Exam will show you exactly that with teachings that you will probably never hear talked about in court reporting schools.
It was my mission to create the only book you would ever need on how to dominate your court reporting exam, and I am pleased to offer it to you right now for only $29.95. The original price for a book and audiobook of this quality is $50.00 – so you get to enjoy an instant 40% savings by ordering today.
If you’re a student in your beginning or middle speeds, or if you’re a high-speed student looking for that one thing that will take your abilities over the edge, Pass the Court Reporting Exam was built from the ground up to help you achieve easy success – no matter what state you’re testing for.
So if you want to go from wherever you are in your steno training to this…


 …then simply click the button below to have Pass the Court Reporting Exam get you certified with speed and simplicity.


Digital Book + Audiobook + Bonus Articles


If you have any questions or concerns about Pass the Court Reporting Exam, you can always e-mail me directly and I’ll be happy to speak with you! Just send your message to or go to the contact page.

-Cale McCabe, CSR, AAS

Breck R. reviews Pass the Court Reporting Exam

“Cale has created a book that has so many resources and ideas for a student to draw from – even still a reporter to draw from – that might be looking to pass their first test or move up to even an advanced test.  He methodically goes into many facets of what we all struggle with when in school and how to overcome them to be able to start working in the field.
“If you’re looking to pass that first CSR or RPR, or even looking to go for additional certifications, but struggle with being nervous, then this is a nice book to have in your arsenal to help you get to where you want to go.”

Daphne B. reviews Pass the Court Reporting Exam
“I thought the book would focus on all the things students do wrong in preparing to take the state test and not really give any solutions that were attainable without hours and hours of practice. Many others have preached about what students need to do to pass the state test but never really explained how to go about doing it.
“I was pleasantly surprised about how the book pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of students as opposed to just focusing on their weaknesses. I loved how your advice and recommendations were positive and not so far-reaching. You made everything sound so easy and doable.
“I really appreciated how you addressed the writing and practicing enhancements aspect as well as the psychological enhancements aspect. You addressed every thought and fear that went through my head before I could even ask it.
“I would recommend this book to students and court reporting professionals alike…whether they need to brush up on their writing skills or especially if they suffer from anxiety.”
Daphne B.